ROTC Commander  & Rotarian Lt. Col. James Sfayer 
Rotarians: Project Director Courtney Washington & Assistants Rhonda Johnson & Donna Eleazer 
Rotarian Bob Zeglarski, Equipment Transport 
ROTARY SUPPORTS ROTC: Rotarians recently supported Abraham Clark High School ROTC, lead by Lt. Col. James Sfayer, and the Cadets during "Operation Senior Citizen Yard Cleanup." Sfayer is also a member of the Rotary Club of R-RP. Rotarian Courtney Washinton set up a list of locations for the project.
Rotary R-RP is a 100 year-old local service organization whose motto is "Doing Good Things Together." Rotary International's Motto is Service Above Self.
The club will participate other service projects in the coming days including Operations Comfort , a glove, sock and hat drive for the needy and Students of the Month, honoring high school seniors who exemplify Rotary Ideals.
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