Helen French, Ieesha Turnage Leslyn Chung, CJ Ballat with Steve Leonard

Pictured above:


Helen French, Chief Development, Officer of Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey Council (left), with Roselle Girl Scout Volunteers (left to right), Ieesha Turnage, Leslyn Chung and CJ Ballat are presented with the Rotary Club of Roselle - Roselle Park's annual donation by Club President Steve Leonard. The presentation took place at Camp Letico in Roselle at the annual Rotary Club of Roselle - Roselle Park Luncheon hosted by the Roselle Girl Scouts.  




Few people know there is a 61 year-old Girl Scout Camp in Roselle and it is still in use!  Fewer people know the Rotary Club of Roselle - Roselle Park established the camp in 1953 and has helped with its upkeep all those years.   Nestled in a wooded area next to Morses Creek near Independence Drive in Roselle, the camp is a stones throw from Roselle Catholic High School and Roselle Shopping Center.


Camp Letico is its name.  And it is home to the Roselle Girl Scouts.  


As the story is told, in 1954 former Roselle Mayor and Rotarian Frank Pittman got together with another Rotarian John Kliner, who was also President of Roselle Savings at the time, to have an abandoned house moved from where ever it was to its current location.  Of course, the whole club got involved and this became one of many community service projects of the Rotary Club of Roselle - Roselle Park.  Thus, Camp Letico was born.  


Since that time, the club has kept its connection to Camp Letico and the Roselle Girl Scouts by being the scout’s charter organization, providing financial support and  helping to maintain the building.  Over the years, members have lent their plumbing, electrical, carpentry and engineering know how to keep the camp up.  Saturday club outings for painting and roof repair were common.  


Every year the club meets for a luncheon prepared by adult girl scout volunteers.  At that time scout leaders report on the activities that took place at the camp as well as other Scout functions.  It is also the time for the Rotary Club members to reconnect with Girl Scout volunteers usually discussing the future of the site.